April 1 a big day for crisis managers

April 2, 2008

After reading about a publicity prank gone bad and one PR person caught in the middle of it, I thought it might be fun to try to pull one myself. It’s April 2 so, don’t worry. I was going to cite some phony statistics about how April 1 is the biggest billing day of all for crisis experts because of the hair-brained stunts people pull with good intentions but end up causing a reputation crisis for organizations. It would be interesting to collect some good example of that. (Readers–any submissions?)

Instead, I want to pass on a good prank pulled on Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick–have a look on this April Fools joke site.  

April Fools day has a little special meaning for me. First, because it is my mom’s birthday (no foolin’). Second because my dad is one of the biggest prank puller of all time. If you don’t believe me go to Amazon and order his latest book: “Just Laugh About It” by Sid Baron. In it he not only tells about the many creative jokes he played (yes, us kids were often the victims–but we pulled a few of our own), but how he used humor to combat stress and over 40 years of MS.

Here’s hoping you don’t have to be working extra hard today to recover from some unintended consequences caused by an out of control jokester.

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