PRSA Teleseminar on Building Trust

April 15, 2008

I am very pleased to have been invited by the Professional Development group of PRSA to present my presentation “Building Trust in Media Maelstrom” as a teleseminar on May 1. This is similar to the presentation I did at last year’s PRSA International Conference that appeared to be very well received.

I’d love to have you join us on the call so if interested, here is how to register.

As the teaser for this seminar, PRSA says those who attend will learn:

The two essentials of building trust.
The three drivers of today’s communications and why ignoring them is a recipe for failure.
The four critical steps of crisis communication planning.

If you are a frequent crisisblogger reader, you can probably identify each of these items. In fact, I’ll send a free copy of my book Now Is Too Late2 to any crisisblogger reader who correctly identifies the two, three and four “secrets” referenced above. Hope to see you on the call.


2 Responses to “PRSA Teleseminar on Building Trust”

  1. John Says:

    1. Do the right things
    2. Communicate them well

  2. gbaron Says:

    John–you got the two right. Know the three and the four? If you send me your mail address to I’ll send you a copy of my book for being the first to get the first two right.

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