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my new grandchild arrives into a different world

May 16, 2008

Grandchild #6 is about to arrive. I’m blogging from the hospital waiting room–could be any minute. The world that Roman Victor Rodriguez will inhabit will be very different from the world I entered 56 years ago. For example, I was kept informed of the progress my daughter was making toward his arrival via text messages and twitter feeds to her blog.

I just read the twitter feed coming from the delivery room while in the waiting room, about 50 feet from where the blessed event is happening and found out the guy with the big needle arrived and she is feeling good.

Alright, I won’t go into any more details about the arrival but the point ought to be obvious. It is an instant news world. New methods are coming into play almost every day aimed at keeping us continuously and instantly informed of the events that matter most to us. Relevance is everything in an information saturated world. But so is speed and directness. Can we get faster than instant? Can we find a way to be in multiple places at the same time? My grandparents could not have imagined this world and how I as a grandfather am informed of something really important to me. And I cannot imagine how my grandson, when his grandchildren arrive, will be participating. Instant news, indeed.

To add one more thing: photos. Just got a photo from the delivery room. She looks great. Sent from an iphone–of course this can be instantly published and distributed to interested audiences too. Video as well.