The “post mass media” world reference

May 28, 2008

Finally! I started using the term “post media world” in about 2000. The initial book title for Now Is Too Late was The Post Media World–but my publisher rightly talked me out of it. I have wondered why that term didn’t gain some currency. It appears that maybe that is starting. Here is a reference to a PRSA Professional Development seminar with the title: “The Naked Brand in a Post Mass Media World.”

I have to admit that post mass media may be a little more descriptive and accurate because technically the “new media” are still media. But there is a great difference and that is the opportunity they offer for one on one as well as one on many and many on one communications. We could also say I suppose that our ears, eyes, nose, mouth and all senses are “media” in that they mediate information, our understanding and experiences of the world. But they are certainly different as media than NBC News or the Wall Street Journal.

I must be getting too philosophical here–come to think of it, that’s just what my publisher said.

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