Now, blog monitoring as a customer service strategy

July 28, 2008

Got a gripe with a company? Want to get sweet revenge by ranting on your blog site? Well, you can probably expect an email or call from the company you are trashing. At least that is what one blogger found to his surprise.

Blog monitoring, along with media monitoring is becoming essential part of the public relations business. But now it is becoming part of the customer service business. And that is a good thing. While social media and the internet can spread the bad news faster than any physical watercooler, they also offer the subject of these rants the opportunity to listen in. And they are beginning to. It is a Distant Early Warning system–a way of heading off serious problems before they become serious problems. For crisis communicators and issue managers the lessons ought to be obvious. If you are not putting in place a simple, easy way to track the conversations online about your organization, it’s like a company under threat of war shutting off all their radars. Not smart.


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  1. You’re absolutely right, Gerald. Blog monitoring is a “must do” activity I recommend to all of my clients and I advise them on different ways that can be done. Most browsers allow for easy “subscription” to the RSS function of a blog (like this one). Most people don’t know that Google has a “blog search” and “blog alert” in much the same was as it has news searches and alerts.

    Jonathan Bernstein
    Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc.

  2. Adam Green Says:

    Blog monitoring is just the first step towards building a relationship with bloggers who write about your company and product. A well managed social media program can turn complainers into fans. A blogger generally writes negative things because they are frustrated by an inability to make contact any other way. Identifying those bloggers who are having a problem, and building a relationship with them before they “go to war” makes a lot of sense.

    Adam Green

  3. […] can help with implementing a strategy created by upper management. Blog monitoring, RSS building and even account customization can be excellent tasks to help bolster your accounts […]

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