NewsCred tries to take on the issue of news credibility

August 19, 2008

When I wrote the first edition of Now Is Too Late in late 2001, my friend Tim O’Leary (no, not that Tim) told me about blogs. What’s a blog, I asked. The more I looked at it the more I became convinced that this web-based publishing was going to be significant, but it would raise a big question. I suggested that there would be something called “truth filters” or places on line where you could go to find out who was telling the truth. Snopes and other myth buster sites indeed showed up and have helped with that task. Now there is a new one called “newscred” that takes a different approach–ranking stories by the credibility of their source.

It will be interesting to watch how this develops and if it gets legs. The chart about BBC credibility is interesting. News media credibility overall is now near the bottom of everyone’s list and perhaps has to do with the internet, blogs and all. The funny thing is, everyone subscribes to the idea that you can believe a word any body says, but they read and believe it all the same.


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  1. Boyd Neil Says:

    This isn’t apropos of this post (although I do like your conept of “truth filters” . . . but I thought you would be interested in a quote I reference about legal liability.

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