Bloomberg News goof: Steve Jobs is not gone yet

August 29, 2008

Youch! It’s tough to get by with any goof these days of instant news. Just ask Bloomberg News. They were apparently updating the pre-written obituary of Apple CEO Steve Jobs when someone accidentally hit the “publish” button. Didn’t take long for someone to notice and here is the story.

Bloomberg found out about the accidental posting, took it down and ran an apology. All good enough, but reading through the pre-bituary is pretty interesting. It shows who they are planning on calling for comment if the event does occur. It plans for eventualities of the stock tanking if Jobs were to go all of a sudden. Basically it shows how today’s news organizations prepare in advance for news events before they are news so that they are not caught behind. It is the instant news world, and news organizations realize much more than the rest of us, that without thinking about things in advance, without planning and preparation and doing your homework, when the event does occur you will just be left in the dust.

Bloomberg goofed big time by this accidental publication–but they showed in the meantime they are on the ball and on the job.

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