The future of the internet: PEW study

December 16, 2008

Where are things going with the internet. Here’s a summary of a PEW study that is interesting but contains few surprises. Which suggests as much sense as it makes that it will probably be wrong. One thing certain about the internet and zigs and zags its development takes is that it is almost always surprising. I’m thinking the economic conditions will spur some pretty big surprises just because tough times often bring out the creativing in folks.

Quick summary:

1. mobile devices will rule (actually I just heard some amazing statistics about how many access the internet from smart phones already).

2. transparency will increase but it doesn’t mean the nastiness of internet culture will decrease (an increasingly interesting topic to me)

3. voice recognition and other enabling technologies will flourish

4. stuff will still be free and there will be constant battles over that

5. more blurring between personal and work time (oh great)

6. internet underlying structure will be improved but not revolutionized (what, no internet 2.0?)

I haven’t searched the internet for this, but I’m kind of curious how the internet is being used in new and intriguing ways by people trying to cope with their loss of job, financial uncertainty, etc. Anyone have any interesting stories about this?

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