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A completely different story–a WWII veteran receives his long lost Distinguished Flying Cross

January 28, 2009

If you’ve been reading crisisblogger a very long time–like over two years–you may remember that I have been working on a book about a WWII fighter pilot who was shot down over France and ended up as a “terrorist” political prisoner in Hitler’s nightmare concentration camp–Buchenwald. He was rescued after 2 months and nearly starving to death,  four days before his scheduled execution. But he was also a great pilot and a great contributor to the war effort.

In fact, while researching his book I discovered that he was awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions on a dive bombing mission, but he never received it. SNAFU, as they say. I thought how great to be able to arrange a special presentation by someone important–and how much greater if it coincided with the release of his book. Well, “A Fighter Pilot in Buchenwald: The Joe Moser Story” has just been released. And tomorrow (Thursday, Jan 29) the Air Force will recognize Joe and the Wing Commander of McChord Air Force Base near Seattle will present Joe his medal 65 years late. It’s a great day for the Air Force and I have been blown away by how important it is to them that one of their own receive his long lost recognition. We have invited two of Joe’s squadron mates, Bob Milliken (the 429th Squadron’s only ace with five enemy kills) and Alfred Mills, also a DFC winner, to be with Joe when this award is presented.

I am absolutely thrilled by this and the honor that Joe is receiving. He is an exceptionally quiet and humble man and would never do anything to call attention to himself so it has been one of the great experiences in my life to play a part in getting a true American hero the recognition he deserves. But the PR person in me is also thrilled to see that the story is quickly spreading. Two live radio interviews scheduled. Numerous newspaper mentions, a rapidly cascading blog and online presence–all focused on the belated honor given to an 86 year old (yes, the news reports are wrong) veteran.

If interested, go to and read the clips–I’m trying hard to keep up with them. Oh yes, you can order the books on Amazon or order direct from the publisher at the website above. And, we even have a blog: