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How the Air Force deals with blogs

April 11, 2009

Someone sent me this link from a blog called eaves that is presumably an internal document from the Air Force about how to deal with blogs.

It is very interesting on several levels but I can’t add much that blogger David Eaves has already said, so read his post about this. His point about how command and control structures deal with this wild arena of social media is a good one. Blogging, and tweeting even more, is designed as a solitary function. To do so and respond in a large organizational environment has all kinds of inherent conflicts.

At the same time what strikes me is this handy little chart is codified good judgment. In other words, it seems to try and capture what common sense, good judgment and a good understanding of social media would lead you to do. I far too often make the mistake of thinking such good judgment is common. Too often it is not. That’s why this sort of tool might be very useful in your organization.