CNN, Dominos and Amazon–three case studies of the new crisis management

April 20, 2009

Kind of ironic I guess, but one of the best stories dealing with the crisis management challenges of the new media comes from the old media–the LA Times. Here’s a great summary of three major brands and how they all have had to face significant crises in the last while either caused by or related to social media.

For PRSA members, Kami Watson Huyse and I will be presenting on social media and crisis communications via teleseminar for PRSA. Still time to sign up I assume.

For those not able to attend, we will discuss ten things to help you prepare to respond to a crisis in today’s “twitch-fast” world as the LA Times calls it. It’s not just twitch fast, but it seems filled with people with too much time on their hands and too many things they are hypersensitive and just plain old angry about. Not a pretty picture–particularly if you have employees dumb enough to do what two Dominos employees did.


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  1. Patrice Cloutier Says:

    Very interesting case studies … old habits die hard and we’re still having some difficulties from senior emergency management people who fear “relinquishing” control … (if they have any ???) because of the need of an immediate response to a crisis …

    the battle goes on

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