How is news told in age of Twitter? Great example from Austin “hostage” situation

April 20, 2009

Is Twitter a good way to get news? Heck no, everyone says and still more and more are relying on tweets. Are citizen journalists credible? Heck no, but still what they are reporting is believed and believed believable until proven otherwise. Such is news today. And one role for journalists and established media to play is to help the rest of us know what is real and what is not. In my book (written in late 2001 I might mention) I predicted that that the media would evolve into a role of “truth filters.”

This article from Media Bullseye, written by a journalist, provided a vivid account of one local news situation in Austin. It shows the speed of the initial tweets, the rumors, how fast they spread and how one newspaper–fast on it feet and very impressive I must say–worked to keep up with the pace but also providing the kind of credible information we want and need from them.

Here is today’s journalism–the interplay of professionals and citizens, the use of new media and old media (a phone call to the police from the newspaper)–and how they work together for our benefit.

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