Dominos lessons learned: no better advice given

April 22, 2009

If you read and absorb just one thing this year in crisis management, read this. Dominos’ team responding to the YouTube stupidity crisis took time out of their busy lives (they have to still be in response mode) to participate in the Ragan Social Media Bootcamp and share some lessons learned.

I can’t possibly imagine a more succinct or powerful message in crisis management today than the four key points they make. Here they are:

1) Establish Twitter account now (and/or other appropriate channels)

2) Be transparent

3) Respond–NOW!

4) Appreciate your customers.

‘Nuff said.


2 Responses to “Dominos lessons learned: no better advice given”

  1. michael long Says:

    And if you’re not sure what kinds of things are a threat to your business check out the Thomas Edison film from 1902.

    Domino’s should have watched it.

  2. […] There’s been plenty of commentary around the Dominos pizza videos recently. For some insightful commentary, check out posts by Jessica Levco, Shel Holtz and, for a wonderfully succinct take on the lessons learned, Gerald Baron. […]

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