Google wave: a peek into the future

May 29, 2009

Google cleverly stole the thunder from Microsoft as they were trying to launch their new search engine called Bing. They did it by giving us a tantalizing look into the future and it is called “wave.”

Take Twitter, Instant Messaging, email, Facebook, Linkedin and just about any other bright idea that has shown up on the Internet to facilitate communication and you may have wave–or at least part of it. Somebody gasped on a webinar I was doing when I said Twitter would die. Hey, that is no great prognostication. Other than death being the future of almost everything, it is easy to see that the phenomenon of the past few months is certain to become passe. I do believe that the basic function of Twitter–using text message to post to web and easily connect to registrants–will be with us for a long time. I just predicted that it would be built into almost any application–as Facebook so quickly did with their upgrade and we are doing with PIER. Now comes wave. We’re all going to get wet.

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