Timesonline interview with my favorite blogger–Ashley Rodriguez

July 8, 2009

OK, I’m a very proud dad–proud of all three of my grown children. But today is a special day with the Timesonline featuring an interview of my daughter Ashley Rodriguez talking about her now famous food blog Not Without Salt.

I’d like to think she got some of her interest in and writing abilities from me, but she has far surpassed me in that area now. I do know for certain that she got her talent and passion for food and beauty from my beautiful and talented wife.

Congrats, Ash! Keep it up!


One Response to “Timesonline interview with my favorite blogger–Ashley Rodriguez”

  1. Joe Ramallo Says:

    A very proud papa indeed. Congrats to Ashley and to you Gerald. What a talent. Should we be surprised? This apple definitely didn’t fall far from the tree!

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