The death of the most trusted man in America

July 17, 2009

As I write the national news reports are filled with the news of the death of Walter Cronkite. I mourn his passing. With his death we have lost more than a great and good man, we have lost an era. I believe that we have entered the post-media era. But he represented the height and best of the mass media era.

He was named the most trusted man in America. I suspect, even though trust is a much more rare and precious commodity today than in Cronkite’s day, that if he was still doing what he did best, he may very well still be the most trusted man in America. And if the decline of mainstream media forced him into some of the behaviors of journalists today, he would have quit with his trust intact.

I mourn his passing.


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  1. Very well put! Cronkite had to make interesting but tough choices during his reign. But he always was willing to give his rationale for his positions! How many MSM today just throw it against the wall to see if it sticks? They no more have a rationale for their opinions and positions then do many politicians. Tell what your position is and why that is your position? Why ask why? Just Because? We then can learn something perhaps.

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