The People’s Stimulus–at the heart of an Obama problem

July 27, 2009

Just got this info on the People’s Stimulus Package via Peter Shankman’s HARO (Help a Reporter Out). I love this approach. We really can make a difference if we are asked to do something reasonable and meaningful. I try real hard to stay non-political here but one quiet criticism I have of President Obama is that he has never told us what we could do. I wanted so badly for that ringing call of President Kennedy when he said ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country. My gosh, that has been the key to all our national crises from our very foundations. We will pitch in, we will sacrifice, we will join together. But this crisis has been different. Never in my recollection has anything been asked of us other than to trust our government and be patient. The emphasis has always been on what the government will do and is doing to fix things. I’m glad they are doing things, but I want to do things too and I think about 300 million or so would be glad to help. Just give us a hint!

Well, here is one. $2 bills.


One Response to “The People’s Stimulus–at the heart of an Obama problem”

  1. Clearly ego and hubris and elitism is the leading disease inside the beltway. What could the man/woman on the street possibly offer as far as sound advice to the governement. Personally I buy one pitchfork a month and sharpen so the peasants will be armed when storming the Bastille. Or that’s right Bastille Day gone for another year and July 4th and Cinco de Mayo. Or well I guess time for a new revolutionary tradition. Don’t shop seems to be breaking down the FIRE sector. Looks like we will hit 80% of gas import level under this President. Personally I would offer the 313,000 citizens of Iceland Statehood and tell them to give up the EU! Hey great fish, SAGAs and glaciers and thermal spas. Besides we need some balance because of the forthcoming admission of Cuba and the Northern States of Mexico this century to the US. Too bad no Islamic Nation close by we could adopt. We must stay ecumenical. I hope readers of this blog don’t view my comments as facetious.

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