Twitter in Government Communications–tell me what you know

August 5, 2009

I’ve been asked by Government Educator to do a webinar on Twitter in Government Communications. It is scheduled for Sept 1 and if you’d like more info or to register, here you go.

I work with and talk with a lot of government communicators including those who use Twitter and those who say, Twitter, what’s that? But I’d like to get a more complete picture so I put a quick little survey together to help gather a more complete picture. If you are government communicator I’d love you hear from you–either by this survey— or by commenting here or emailing me directly at And yes, I will share the results with any who participate and who request a copy. If you are not a gov communicator, chances are you know one, or a dozen. Send them this link and ask them to participate. Much appreciated.

By the way, yes I did see the reports yesterday about the Marines banning Twitter and the Dept of Defense considering banning all social media.

I blogged on that on my new blog for Emergency Management magazine called Crisis Comm. It can be found at–still working out some posting bugs so if you don’t see it immediately, check back.

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