Letter of Intent Signed to Acquire PIER Systems

September 10, 2009

I’ve been missing from these blog pages for a few days–partly because I was busy in LA working with clients and now because working hard on finalizing the sale of the company I founded nine years ago–PIER Systems. Press release announcing the planned acquisition was released today.

O’Brien’s Response Management is an outstanding organization and I have known them for a number of years, before PIER was even created. I am very excited about moving from an angel funded organization to one with much greater resources and with a shared commitment to providing the best in public information and emergency response communication technology and services. I will be continuing with this company and working hard to take PIER to the next level and continue the transformation in public information management that has begun. I’m also very pleased that our team will continue in place as is and will continue to operate from our much-loved home base here in Bellingham, Washington.

I might also mention I’m very pleased to be a speaker at this year’s Kansas Emergency Management Association conference in Topeka next week. I’ll be speaking to 200 emergency management professionals and very eager to address not just PIOs but those who carry the ultimate responsibility not just for the response but the reputation of the organizations responding. If you’re from Kansas and plan on being there, looking forward to talking with you.


4 Responses to “Letter of Intent Signed to Acquire PIER Systems”

  1. Jimmy Jazz Says:

    Congratulations Gerald. This is really good news and validation of all of the hard work you’ve done so far.

    Best of luck moving forward, and I hope you can keep blogging.


  2. Gerald! YOUR BLOG MUST GO ON! Also see what you think of today’s post on HLSWatch.com

    Hope you were made financially secure and can now devote full efforts to you areas of interest.

  3. gbaron Says:

    Thanks William, the blog will certainly go on and I intend to continue working with PIER through O’Brien’s. I’ve long considered work, not just the ability to but the necessity to as a blessing and I can assure you I continue to be so blessed.

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