Oh sure, suing the film crew will really help Acorn

September 25, 2009

I’ve resisted the temptation to pile on ACORN, but their stupidity just keeps piling on each other until I can resist no longer. The group’s brilliant leadership has decided that the best way to try and save the organization’s life is to sue. Understandable. It’s the American Way. The best defense is a good offense. However, this offense is not a good one because the suit is not about defamation or the video team lying or saying anything that wasn’t true. This is about filming their staff without their consent.

Sorry, not smart. Sure, it is a hassle to make the video team go through all the discovery process and make everything they do public–but they are not the ones with a lot to hide. I don’t think the general public will have any sympathy for an organization so deeply caught in Acorn’s behavior when their only defense is “you should have asked us for permission before tricking us into revealing to the world the kind of people and organization we really are.”

As an organization and reputation-saving strategy, this really stinks. But, if you were there public relations advisor, what would you say? What can be done to save the organization? I found out that the Congressman in my district voted to keep taxpayer funds going to this organization. He’s a very smart guy, a capable and respected Congressman and has been invulnerable. But he just gave a future political opponent more ammunition than any other action I have seen him take. When an organization like Acorn becomes a political liability of this magnitude for all its friends, it is doomed in my mind.

Can it do anything? Nothing less than a complete housecleaning from the top down. If there is another answer, I’d love to hear it.

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