The best resource for social media and internet use policy

October 27, 2009

At least it is the best resource I’ve seen.

Here is a very extensive list of sample policy statements and policies in place at various prominent organizations.

I found it on a blog post providing some good advice about dealing with legal obstacles to social media use in organizations.


3 Responses to “The best resource for social media and internet use policy”

  1. Mike Says:

    Thanks for the list!

    It’s good to see organizations with actual social media policies rather than those who just make Facebook and Twitter accounts and think they have a social media strategy.

    Do you know examples from any emergency service agencies?

  2. gb Says:

    Hello Mike, I don’t know of any written policies from these agencies. I’m working on one as part of a plan for a large metropolitan region and can share that with you. I also blog at so maybe I can ask readers there who are in that community if they have written policies.

  3. Mike Says:

    Thanks gb! Please keep me update to date on the policy you are working on, really interested in social media for emergency services. It’s appreciated!

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