When old media starts acting like new media–Orlando Sentinel

December 3, 2009

I noticed this post from a crisisblogger reader in Orlando who apparently attended one of my presentations about social media and crisis communication. In his post he provided an excellent example of how old media (newspaper–in this case the Orlando Sentinel) is adopting the crowd-sourcing and citizen journalism forms of providing immediate and relevant information. It’s a great case study in the new journalism as well as crisis management. I noted with particular interest that the paper immediately purchased a url related to the event–clearly to help drive traffic to their site. Which, after all, is what the old media is all about–building traffic to sell ads. But it is fascinating to see how they are adopting new media forms in order to meet the even more critical objective today.

Thanks PRtini for a great example–and a nice reference.


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  1. Hi Gerald,

    I heard you speak at the PRSA/Ragan conference in Vegas last year. Having done some crisis work myself on behalf of clients, your “if you’re not quick, you’re not relevant” line really resonated. Thanks for sharing my post with your readers.


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