Questions rising about US government’s role in Toyota attacks

March 3, 2010

Crisisblogger readers know that I have commented frequently on the inherent conflict of interest resulting from the Obama administration’s investment in GM and Chrysler. While clearly an unintended consequence, the result has been the perception of conflict in their role as regulator of the auto industry and participant in it. How can one competitor regulate another. I have been shocked and amazed that the US media, even the ant0-Obama conspiracy theorists in the media, have not picked up on this very serious problem.

But the conflict of interest is not escaping the Japanese and while Toyota has been apparently cautious in bringing this problem to light, Japanese papers are not. This article from Daily Dog reports that a conservative paper in Japan is raising the question whether or not the Obama administration is attacking Toyota to raise his approval ratings.

I don’t think I am being a conspiracy theorist to suggest there is a problem here. The truth is you can’t have a dog in the hunt and be seen as an objective arbiter of what is in the public interest. No one is that pure, objective and rationale. There is a very big dog in the hunt here for the administration in part because of the dependence on US union votes. Toyota’s problems are a god send to GM, if not an Obama send. When Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood got way in front of the data by suggesting that Americans stop driving their Toyotas that over the top pronouncement really began looking like a politically motivated piling on.

From a crisis management standpoint, when you have the black hat on as Toyota clearly does, one of the most important strategies is to place it on someone else. In this case, the Obama administration by their investment in Detroit has given the beleaguered automaker an excellent target. And the best way possible is not for them to do it, but for those who stand behind them to do the finger pointing. It appears to be happening.


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  1. Jeannette Says:

    Am I wrong concerning relevant data thus far, that there seems to be only a problem with the Toyota cars made in the US and not those made in Japan.

    A bit ironic, would’t you say? I believe that most people are good, but I think we have seen from past greed what big companies, as well as some individuals are capable of when it comes to money.

    I think if sabotage is involved with the Toyota crisis, it would certainly be more complicated than to point fingers at the Obama administration. It is so easy to throw stones, much harder to prove.

    The Terrorism of Greed has taken its toll, and unfortunately, I believe it still exists. If we cannot began to stand as a united country of resilient integrity, it will take a long time, if even possible anymore, to become the great country we were years ago.

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