Could Guam Capsize? Congress is investigating.

April 7, 2010

File this on the lighter (or unbelievable side). In this video Rep Hank Johnson (D-GA) is questioning the Navy Admiral about troops in Guam and expresses concerns that with the buildup Guam might capsize. I’m not joking, and the sad thing, apparently he isn’t either.

Advice to those facing Congressional Hearings: Emulate the good admiral here who despite one of the stupidest questions in the world, seems to mostly have kept a straight face and answer it with demonstrating any of the incredulity he must have been feeling. And, if you go to Congress to testify, be fully prepared to answer the most inane stupid questions that you can’t even imagine.


2 Responses to “Could Guam Capsize? Congress is investigating.”

  1. Jimmy Jazz Says:

    Here I am, building a post in my head about how Congress can help steer bioterrorism
    planning, and now I’ve got to worry if they’re not sure if an island can sink? Thanks for ruining my post, Gerald.


  2. Roke Terlaje Says:

    YES. We are hoping the Congress will investigate the Guam Military Buildup and the science behind GUAM Tipping Over into the Marianas Trench. We want them to investigate the USEPA about the ecosystem of the island and if they will ignore the Toxic Waste leftover from the BRAC closures of the 1990s. Thank you Congressman Johnson.

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