Pew Research on the Gulf Spill Media Coverage–how do you score it?

August 27, 2010

I blogged recently at about the new Pew Research Center study of media coverage of the gulf spill. This should be mandatory reading for all crisis communicators.(the study, not my blog post)  No time left today so I won’t repeat my remarks from Crisis Comm–but would love to hear some reaction and your take on lessons learned from this report and the media coverage for the spill.


2 Responses to “Pew Research on the Gulf Spill Media Coverage–how do you score it?”

  1. J.D. Says:

    Unfortunately, the “independent” Pew Research center appears to be hardly balanced. See this article from 2005:

  2. gbaron Says:

    J.D. Thanks for the info on Pew, it is enlightening and depressing as I had/have high regard for their research. A reminder of hidden agendas everywhere. BTW, had a very nice conversation with your former colleague C.N. You and I need to chat sometime soon.

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