4 Responses to “ABC gives BP’s Fake Twitterer his 15 minutes–what it means for the next crisis”

  1. While censorship of sites is probably out perhaps when technical information being conveyed or seems to be being purveyed TWITTER and other social media should post a disclaimer as to accuracy of the info until verification independently has occurred. This could be a huge problem and in particular with the critical rumor control function of Emergency Public Information. Better minds than mine will have to come up with a solution.

  2. J.D. Says:

    In this case, responding to this guy would be as fruitless as responding to The Daily Show or Jay Leno…and a waste of time and resources when the company needs to focus on the important.

    However, what happens when the next fake Twitter accounts are not run by comedians? What happens when activists groups look to create confusion and stir up additional controversy to “extend a narrative” with the public?

    I don’t blame Josh Simpson for making a name for himself. However, he has provided much more incentive for antagonists to follow his trail.

  3. Josh simpson Says:

    Irresponsible comedians? I kept my identity a secret because I wanted to keep the focus on bp and their wrongdoing. Congrats to you sir, you are a beacon for the backwards thinking that got bp into this mess. Forget your brand, forget saving face and do something of substance. This wasn’t some lesson on using PR in social media, this was about the banality of PR efforts in time of a real crisis. Fuck your career, fuck money, work for people and companies that don’t make you compromise your conscience, if it still remains.

    Josh Simpson
    The “Irresponsible Comedian” who used his platform to raise $20k for the Gulf Restoration Network.

    P.S. – You are a pickledick.

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