About Crisisblogger Gerald Baron

The Crisisblogger is Gerald Baron. Like most in this business, I never set out to be involved in crisis management and crisis communications. Sometimes life is like that. But since the mid-90s I’ve been involved in hundreds of organization-threatening events. That led to the creation of the leading crisis communication technology in use today called PIER (Public Information Emergency Response). It also led to the publication by a leading international publisher of my book called “Now Is Too Late: Survival in an Era of Instant News” which is now released in its second edition: “Now Is Too Late2.”

While never intending to try to run a technology company, I accepted the request in late 2006 to return to PIER Systems, not just as founder now, but CEO. In December 2008, I returned to consulting work, now as Director of Strategic Services for PIER where I have the great privilege and joy of working with many of the world’s top communicators from federal, state and local government agencies to universities to large and small companies. In November, 2009 PIER Systems was purchased by O’Briens Response Management, the world’s most experienced team of response management professionals. This definitely puts us in the big leagues of crisis and emergency response. But, my focus and joy still comes from working with individual communicators, helping them be as effective as they can in building public and stakeholder trust.

If you think I might be able to help you, please do not hesitate to contact me at 360-746-0470 or email me at gbaron@piersystems.com.


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www.joemoserstory.com (In January 2009 a book I had been working on for 2 1/2 years was published: “A Fighter Pilot in Buchenwald: The Joe Moser Story.” It follows one American WWII fighter pilot, who is still alive and well, through his harrowing bail out, capture, two months of hell in the concentration camp, then as a POW including the German “Death March.” A story of quiet, simple courage and incredible strength and endurance.)

phone: 360-303-9123


12 Responses to “About Crisisblogger Gerald Baron”

  1. Wahine Says:

    Gerald, I’d love to know your take on the Delta Zeta sorority crisis. Technically a sorority is much more than a college organization, as the national groups often take point on major projects and charity missions.

    Since the sense of exclusion has always been hanging pretty heavily over these institutions, I’d imagine that the other fraternal/sorority organizations would need to respond to the crisis, also.

  2. Test Says:



  3. margaret Baron Says:

    Hi Ger
    Been reading your writings. Don’t know if I’m doing this right.
    Very interesting. Mom

  4. gbaron Says:

    Hi Mom–you are doing it right! Welcome to the blog world!

    Hey everybody else–my mom is commenting on my blog! Pretty cool.

  5. Big problem in Canada:
    The Canadian Coast Guard seems not have understand what is a crisis and do exactly what we are not suppose to do…

  6. […] Minimalistic design but not minimalistic content. As author Gerald Baron says: […]

  7. Gerald, I did a posting on your Crisis Blog at my blog, http://www.disaster-zone.com

    I attended a session today on “The Death of News: How the e-world is Killing Traditional News Gathering Methods.” Jim Stanton did the session. Extremely well done. He hails from Vancouver, BC.

    The conference I’m attending is the 18th World Conference on Disaster Management, beomg held in Toronto.

  8. Gerald Says:

    Hi Eric, good to hear Jim is getting around. He has been a partner of PIER for the past few years. He’s a great guy and right on target.

  9. rema Says:

    Just came upon your blogpost on the Quick Guide through a google search for the latest on communicating on the H1N1. Will share it with colleagues.

  10. Frank Mansell Says:

    Congratulations Gerald. I’m sure you must be experiencing mixed emotions about parting with the company you nurtured for these many years.

    Frank Mansell

  11. Hi Gerald! At my suggestion and after review your blog has been added to the blog role at HLSWatch.com!

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