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I don’t normally allow bad language on my blog, but here’s an exception

September 29, 2010

I was quite surprised to see that Josh Simpson, the instant-celebrity social media hero behind the fake BP twitter account, commenting on my post about his new found fame courtesy of ABC. Whoa, the famous is paying attention to my comments about his efforts to demean and belittle BP (full disclosure once more–BP is a client).

For some strange reason I get the impression that Mr. Simpson did not like my suggestion regarding his new career. Obviously wishing to trade on his sudden fame to launch a Twitter account aimed at exposing corporations who act irresponsibly. Now remember, this is the guy who set up a twitter account intended to fool people into thinking it was from BP’s PR department. I modestly, and with a tongue slightly in my cheek, suggested there might be room for a twitter account to poke fun of irresponsible commedians. Apparently, that makes me a pickledick. Plus, a few other choice words.

Mr. Simpson, if you can’t take the social media heat, what the heck are you doing in the kitchen. And by the way, this blog is my house and I don’t allow that kind of language here. I’m an old guy so I can say that sort of thing.